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Sandbox VIA
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  • Home Security
  • Home Monitoring

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  • foto Sandbox Home - Track Every Activity Combines a full set of devices (intelligent HD cameras, smart doorbell, smart wireless sensors) with cloud storage and 24/7 monitoring. All controlled by the same clean, intuitive Sandbox app.
    • Detect motion and sends instant alerts to all family members.
    • Record motion-activated video in the cloud.
    • Detect intrusion through doors/windows.
    • Allows you to set zones for monitoring.
    • Arm or disarm from inside the home – or anywhere outside.
  • foto Sandbox VIA - Storage You Control Carry your memories with you. And get access to any important document you need from wherever you might be.
    • Play out multiple HD streams simultaneously from the VIA.
    • Wirelessly “cast” content to smart TVs, smartphones, etc.
    • Give your visitors access to WiFi without passwords.
    • Create a WiFi “Share” token using the Sandbox app.

connect with
friends & family

SandboxHome allows you to get connected with your home, friends and family members where ever you are. You'll get notifications in real-time and you don't have to go into the apps.

and anytime

Sandbox VIA also lets you store your recorded videos for quick access. You can cast them easily to any compatible device and can show groups of friends & family for sending quick messages.

everything you need, right at your fingertips

stay connected with the sandbox app

View and recording live video. Store and share videos and images with friends and family. Get instant alerts for motion detection and intrusion.


Get the complete experience with Sandbox Monthly Services


Sandbox Cloud

Our cloud servie lets you securely record and save motion-activated video and audio recordings as well as visitor messages from your home in your Sandbox account in the cloud. You can view, download or forward these videos from anywhere using your phone or computer.

Sandbox Console

SandboxConsole lets you see where your loved ones are at any time with one tap on the Sandbox app on your phone. It lets you instantly check in and send messages to any or all of them whenever you wish. No more unending “where are you” text messages. And no more texting while driving.

Sandbox 24/7 Monitoring

You can get 24/7 monitoring by a team of home security professionals if you sign up for SandboxHome Monthly Service. If there is an intruder or an unverified entry into the house, the operators can track you down and notify others including the police.

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Sandbox, Inc is a Clearwater, Florida based private technology and design company. Our founding charter is to create offerings that deliver exceptional value and benefits to families and individuals worldwide. We do this in part, by offering uniquely architected and packaged offerings that utilize the most advanced device technologies, apps and cloud features unified with simplicity, inspiring design, ease of set-up and use, and compelling affordability.

we believe in personal cloud storage technology and home security

We believe the Sandbox line of products are the next generation in tech gadgets that puts YOU in control of your storage, security and all that matters to you the most.

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